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Why is Facebook Connect mandatory to register?

The major reason is that Facebook has essentially become a de facto standard for identifying people. If you have an account on Facebook that claims to be someone, that uses their name and their image, that has hundreds of connected friends, it is very likely you are that person (otherwise, that person would have challenged you by now!). In TMNML, the unit of authority and the main driver of all site activity is a real, individual human being. Therefore, requiring FB Connect will make it very difficult for impersonators or spammers to have much impact on the system. Such users will never accumulate any authority beyond insignificant levels even if they succeed in registering.

The other reason is that it makes it a little simpler for you, the user, to create your account because some of your details are pulled directly from Facebook.

What is identity confidence?

This is an approximate measure of how certain it is that the profile in question represents the actual person named (which is the only possible source of authority, according to the approach taken by TMNML). The more information the user that owns the profile provides, the more likely it is that they are who they say they are. On the other hand, challenges to their identity will reduce their identity confidence until the challenges are resolved. To increase your own identity confidence, provide the links to other sites that are likely to have your true identiy profiled (LinkedIn, Google Profiles, or a personal website). This way, other users can view them and have more confidence in your identity.

What is this "assertion" thing?

An assertion is a declaration of fact or of a particular position that can be demonstrated to be true or false. Nomenclature is very important on TMNML since it precisely defines relationships between things, activities, and users. So, once a user makes an Assertion, it is up to TMNML users to Vote according to their Authority on that Assertion by Confirming or Denying it. Confirming the Assertion means that you agree with it and are putting your Authority behind it. Denying it means you disagree with it and are contradicting it.

When writing a new Assertion, try to state it as a very clear, declarative statement (not question!) that can be either proven true/false, decided yes/no, or otherwise resolved in a binary manner. Also, avoid stating your opinion, since your opinion is not subject to authoritative determination, and will simply not engage users' attention. TMNML is about elevating truth above falseness (or truthiness), not about making your feelings known to the world.

Example of a well-formed assertion:
Donald Rumsfeld broke the law when he authorised torture of American citizens suspected of terrorism.

Example of a poor assertion:
Donald Rumsfeld should rot in hell for torturing human beings.

What account details can I change?

At this time, it is only possible to change your login password. Your public profile name should be the same as your Facebook ID, anyway; in future releases, there will be alternative ways to register and set your public profile name. Soon, it will also be possible to change your email address.

How do your secret algorithms work?

We can't tell you. They are quite complicated, and, just like Google's Page Rank, make up a large core of the intellectual property of TMNML. But the key to remember is that the more endorsements you have, the more authority you have to make an impact on which way the arrow swings. Try to get people with high authority (in particular topics) to endorse you in those topics. This gives you mega-authority and makes your opinion extremely weighty.

And, yes, there are various spam limitation mechanisms built-in all over the place, so don't try it! Or, rather, let us know if you find an exploit. If you do, we will endorse your authority in the "TMNML expert" topic :-)

What is the point of TMNML?

In short, because we hate bullshit.

Today, there are two ways to get facts or information. The first traditional one is to consume the output of such authorities as are declared by the media, government, special interest groups, academia, etc. Often, though, the motivations for the selection of these figures of authority are much less about finding truth and much more about promoting the specific positions, ideologies, etc. of the sponsoring party. Because we, the people, do not control the media, for example, we are not able to determine what authorities are put on TV every day to spout nonsense at us.

The other way to get at facts is crowdsourcing, which has gained significant momentum with the growth of the internet. Now, anybody is able to express their opinion on any topic. However, in every system out there, one voice usually equals one vote, which makes the determination of truth susceptible to the tyranny of the masses or abuse by the vocal minority.

TMNML will take the middle path to get to the truth: it will permit broad crowdsourcing but with a strong emphasis on authority (which, itself, will be crowdsourced, and thus independent of special interest).

How can I get in touch?

Please direct all inquiries, correspondence, and feedback to the site administrator: Facebook User - TellMe Nml (click on the username or do a search for this user on Facebook and then click on "Send TellMe a message"). Why do we insist you contact us through Facebook? See above.